Profile of the Party School

(September 2018)

The Party School of Anhui Provincial Committee of CPC is an important organ directly under the Anhui Provincial Committee with the task of training leading cadres of the Party and fostering Marxist theoretical cadres. It is an important bastion for studying and publicizing Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought and the System of Theories of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and a furnace for tempering the Party spirit. It is also a research institute of philosophy and other social sciences of the CPC.

The school was founded in November 1951, as the combination of the Wannan and Wanbei district Party School. Suspended during the Cultural Revolution, the school re-opened in May 1978.

Located in the downtown of Hefei, the Party School covers an area of 18.2 hectares, with a building floor space of 158,000 square meters, green area of 12 hectares, can meet the requirement of training about 600 students at the same time. The library holds a collection of over 350,000 books, more than 10,000 electronic books, plus over 1,000 kinds of newspapers and magazines. The school is awarded the titles of the National Civilized Unit and the National Green Model Unit.

The School Committee is the leading body of the Party School. Xin Changxing, the deputy secretary of Anhui provincial committee, works as President of the Party School. Zhang Yong is the Vice President in charge of the routine work. There are seven teaching and research departments of Philosophy, Economics, Management, Scientific socialism, the History of the CPC and party building, Law, Science and culture. There are nine functional departments in charge of teaching affairs, scientific research, organization and personnel, etc. There are more than 290 staff members working at the Party School now.

The Party School focuses on the study of the System of Theories of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and aims to strengthen students’ Party spirit by conducting the education about the Party spirit and working style throughout the training process. There is one course in the first National Party School System Excellent Course series, two courses as the National Cadre Education and Training Excellent Courses. The on-the-job postgraduate education adheres to the national standards, highlights the characteristics of the party school, with three disciplines as Economics, Law and public administration. The school undertakes the entrusted training, with more than 6,000 students annually.

The Party School concentrates on the study of practical and theoretical issues. The school strives to develop new type of think tank. The Institute of Party Building and National Governance is on the list of the first ten key think tanks of Anhui Province. The school publishes the periodical Theory Construction and Anhui Party School Newspaper. In recent years, the Party School has established academic cooperative relations with many government organs, colleges and institutes. The school undertakes national and provincial research projects over 20 annually.

The school determines to carry out the Celebrated Teachers Project and the plan of young and middle-aged teachers, aiming to improve the faculty. There are 26 professors, 41 associate professors, 40 PhDs. The Party School sends some faculty members abroad for visits or advanced studies every year.

The school works hard to improve the infrastructural facilities. With a total construction area of 42,000 square meters and estimated investment of 198 million, the Students Center began in February 2018, will be completed by the end of September 2019. Also the Party School pays great attention to the application of information technology. At present, the students district, the office district and the living district are linked by the campus network and Wi-Fi.

After the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the Party School sets the Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the main content and compulsory courses of education. At present, the school is deepening the training reform, fully dedicated to training a contingent of competent and professional officials, making contribution to building Beautiful Anhui.